TAL Cartel is an independent collective of leading female creators focused on freelancing, remote work, the future of work, smarter living, digital nomads, slow travel, productivity and fulfilment, human relationships, and more.

Anna Codrea-Rado

Anna is a journalist, podcaster and author. Her writing appears in the New York Times, Guardian, Wired, Monocle and many others. She writes the weekly award-winning newsletter, LANCE, about the highs and lows of working for yourself and is the co-host of the hit careers podcast, Is This Working? Her first book, You're The Business, is out now.

Lauren Razavi

Lauren is an award-winning writer, speaker, strategist, and activist working across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She was an early adopter of remote work and has lived as a digital nomad since 2013. Her newsletter, Counterflows, focuses on distributed work and borderless living.

Ebony-Storm Halladay

Ebony is a seasoned remote worker with a passion for community, creativity and learning. She helps journalists, authors, podcasters and digital makers work smarter and focus on their craft. Ebony also holds a black belt in karate and is a part-time digital nomad.